ACE Group of Companies

ACE Group of Companies is a strong and solid company, one of the leaders in its business, a most renowned and respected corporation in Myanmar. It is at the forefront of the development of the economy of Myanmar, leveraging its experience and success of the past 3 decades to bring the best possible value to our customers and partners, aiming at excellence in its products and services.

Newly reshaped and hosted in a brand new headquarters office tower in Nay Pyi Taw, our ACE Group of Companies is well armed to overcome the challenges of a new era in a constantly changing world. It will continue its successful path through new projects and new ventures. The perspectives are huge and exciting.We approach them with our minds widely open, with great curiosity and high ambitions.

Our large expertise and deep knowledge of local market and conditions make ACE Group of Companies the ideal partner for any company aiming at developing or starting business and operations in Myanmar. We strongly believe in joining forces to reach higher goals and generate more value, in a balanced and friendly relationship.

From our starts in Pathein, through Yangon and Nay Pyi taw, we always explored new frontiers and ground-breaking challenges. Our team of talented managers and workers lead our construction company to the top levels in Myanmar. Building on our core values of Authenticity, Commitment and Honesty we successfully diversified in other lines of business as machinery, hotels and hospitality, real-estate and entertainment.

We will keep developing in a safe way for our shareholders and employees, considering only projects which contribution is decisive for the sustainability of our growth and our company.  We are though constantly open to new opportunities and are happy to work with new partners and investors, to help them grow and be successful, so contributing to the success of the economy and the development of Myanmar.

We have trust in our country and its people, and we look at the future with passion and confidence.



U Tint Hsan


The mission of ACE Group of Companies is articulated around two main directions:

  • Serve its customers and deliver over expectations, through excellence and innovation
  • Work closely with private and public partners to contribute effectively to the sustainable development of Myanmar and the well-being of its inhabitants.

ACE Group of Companies has the ambition to be the leader in all its business lines and be recognized as the most valuable and professional partner.


The core values of ACE Group of Companies take their roots in the rich and ancient history of Myanmar, and are deeply inspired by the Tradition and Culture of our people.

♦   Truth and Honesty

We are authentic people, acting with authenticity and integrity. We are true to who we are and where we are coming from, we are true and honest to our customers, partners and employees. These are gold values for developing successful business on the long term and overcome all challenges.

♦   Trust and Empowerment

It is our honor to trust people, customers and partners, providers and employees, which allows us to accomplish much more than others. It also permits to empower all our management and executives, all confident and passionate moving forward to building solid business and strong relationships.

♦   Commitment and Responsibility

Since our starts we are committed and feel responsible for all we undertake: to the planet, to our country and the people, to what we do for our business and our community. Having dedicated and responsible people strengthens our capabilities, making us growing healthier and more solid every day.


  • Build Open and Honest Relationships with effective communication, creating solid long-term relationships to work effectively with our Partners ensuring minimal risks. Communication is in the middle of our business processes to achieve projects successfully.
  • Create ongoing Win-Win Partnerships, always seeking for balance and mutual benefits. We treat our partners with respect, trust and integrity and expect the same in return. It is important for us that our partners share our concern of developing Myanmar and its people.
  • Support Excellence and Innovation for creating remarkable experience is one of the guidelines of the Company since its creation in 1988. The search for perfection and continuous process of innovation are key to success.
  • Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit is of fundamental importance, as helping and supporting family and people is a great part of our traditions and culture. Caring of the well-being of our staff and building daily good mood is part of our objectives of being positive moving forward.
  • Be Passionate and Determined for our customers, for our partners, for our company and co-workers, as well as for the future of our country. We are entrepreneurs by passion and we never engage without the strong determination of being successful, leveraging our skills and experience.

ACE Tower



ACE Group of Companies just set up its new Head Quarters in Nay Pyi Taw. ACE TOWER is a fully equipped building situated in the quiet residential Dekkhina Township in the South of Nay Pyi Taw. ACE Tower is a six stories building and offers all the facilities required for a perfect work environment. The offices are completed with some equipped meeting rooms, a ball room, a library and  e-library, as well as a large conference room. The roof of the building is fitted out with a private relaxation lounge which offers a beautiful view of Nay Pyi Taw.



Lines of Business

With a proven experience in organizing, developing and managing projects, ACE Construction Group then decided to diversify in other promising sectors. It started with the hospitality industry in 2008 and the construction of the Hotel Royal ACE in 2013 and the Grand ACE Villa in 2015. The Hotel and Tourism Group has the ambition of becoming one of the major players in this industry in the next years.

The experience gained through the years and the economic development of the country is also a large opportunity to develop new businesses, so ACE Group of Companies created Myanmar Businet Development in 2014. This branch of the Company endeavor to be one of the most competitive and business oriented group emphasizing on efficiency in operations, reliability for customers and trust on development.

In 2016, the Company split its activities of heavy machinery. ACE Machinery Group helped the construction company to develop and handle major large projects in the past, and has now strong capacities to develop its potential effectively.

ACE Group of Companies in now present in all these developing sectors with the wish to play a big role in Myanmar economic development.

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